Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 of 3

Two out of Three of our Girls.
The End.

Favorite Things.

I had to stop by the mall to get s0me makeup. We couldn't leave without stopping by the shoe department.

The End.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Fun Day.

Saturday we decided it would be fun to go Build a Bear at the Promenade. We went to the Build a Bear store, picked out our bear and got in line. When it was our turn to stuff a bear Lucy turned around, put her bear back in the bear bin and said Let's go, Leave Mama. What do you say to that? So we left! We walked around the promenade for a while. You will never guess where Lucy wanted to go... (See below)

We had to go in the Nine West store twice to touch all the shoes and purses.
She sat at the window and talked about all the shoes.
Then we went out to eat.
It was one of Lucy's best meals out. She sat the table the whole time.
The End.

Guess Who...

Guess who started Sunday School?!?!

Lucy Abigail Bost and her BFF/Cousin Emma Grace.

For some reason Laura and I are breaking all sorts of rules and we decided not only to teach one of our kids but both! The girls did great with their mommy's teaching. Everyone participated. I am really excited about this group! There were 8 girls and 1 boy. I hope some more boys join before they start Youth Group!

One sunday school story:

We made a boat and sat in it today. While we were in the boat we listened to a bible story. Everything that Ms. Laura would read Lucy would start Clapping. Which got all the other kids clapping. Which got some of the girls squealing. Which got all the girls squealing!!! Too Cute.

The End.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Make Up, Friends and Stickers.

Lucy and I had the best day ever yesterday. We started the day off by playing outside and finger painting. After activity time we ate lunch and took a nap.

After nap we....

Played with Mommy's make up. (don't worry about the toothbrush on the floor, it's my jewelry cleaning brush)

Emma Grace came over to play for a little while too!

These girls are too funny. They both wanted to climb in the bed to go night night.
Later we played with stickers with Daddy.

Autumn got in on it too!

The End.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finger Paints.

Today's Art Project:

The End.

Lucy Speaks.

The other morning I went to get Lucy out of her crib. I picked her up asked her how she slept and laid her down to change her diaper. She quietly rubbed the sleep from her eyes, looked up at me and said," What are you wearing?" (I had on my workout clothes from my walk earlier that morning)

The other day I had the tv on The Food Network and they had a show on Food from Rome. I love Italy and I really miss the food so we were watching it. Lucy was coloring. I guess she started to watch the show too because she looked at me and said, "I want to eat." I thought, ME TOO!

She is talking so much! She walks around the house pointing at things and saying, "That is a ____!" (fill in blank because she says it)

Sweet Girl.

Lucy isn't a baby anymore. I don't know how this happened. It is like over night she lost her baby fat, grew long arms and legs, has a head full of hair and is talking in sentences! Where has my baby girl gone?

Lucy at dinner time. Lucy has quite the appetite last night. She ate 3 hot dogs and 2 cups of apple sauce for her first dinner. Then she ate again when we ate and had salmon, lettuce and corn. She cleaned her plate and moved on to her daddy's.
I love this face.

Lucy also likes to dress herself. Night gown + boots.
The End.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday we did a whole lot of nothing. Lucy and I played and did puzzles and read books and then she took a nap. During nap I finished scrubbing my tile with a toothbrush. For some reason I had just had enough and it needed to get done! After Lucy's 3 hour nap Aunt Emily came over. Lucy loves playing with Aunt Emily! She brought her outside to show off her playground. After that we ate and went to bed. Like I said a whole lot of nothing went on. I know. I know. We live really exciting lives. Most days yes, yesterday no.

Emily and Lucy swinging.
A Caterpillar. I've never seen one in person. Weird isn't he?
The End.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard.

This weekend we worked on laying down mulch underneath Lucy's playground. Lucy was such a good helper and such a hard worker! She was so excited to help her Daddy and to use his tools.

Lucy helping.

We had to take a break and cool off in the pool.
Playing in the mulch.
Taking another break to ride her bike.
The End.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Fair.

This morning we loaded up the car and headed to the Benton County Fair. We met with our playgroup there to take advantage of the kids get in free day. Some how we all got in free. All the kids were really excited to see the animals. Lucy loves Livestock, especially the pigs. The older kids really wanted to ride some of the rides but they were all closed until tonight.

My favorite part of going to the fair, carnival, church bazaar or craft fair is the carny food (carnival food). I didn't participate in it this year. I really wanted a funnel cake and a turkey leg but decided on getting Lucy cotton candy and popcorn or pop-porn as she would say.

My big girl ready to go.
Lucy kept trying to pet this sheep. I kept calling it a goat.
I'm pretty sure this is a goat.
Lucy loved the pigs!
Some of our group. Treva, Reese, Pastor Susan and Sadie.
Have you ever wanted to sleep with the cows?
The Petting Zoo.
My sweet little girl.

Me, Lucy and Reese.
Me and Jonathan the Girl.
The End.