Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 Year Old Stats.

Yesterday we had our 2 year old checkup. I always love taking Lucy to the doctor for well checkups. I especially love getting her new stats.

Lucy's 2 Year Old Stats:
Weight: 30 lbs - 86%
Ht: 36 in- 94%
HC: 19 1/4 in

Did you know that if you measure your child on their 2nd birthday and double that height you will have a freaky accurate estimate of their height as an adult? We were a couple weeks off but they estimate Lucy will be 5'10"- 6'. I have a really tall family so I wouldn't be surprised if she was this tall.

(We'll just work on her posture-have you ever noticed that tall women have terrible posture? They are always slouching to make themselves look shorter. I say be confident! Thanks for listening to my PSA on being Tall.)

As you know I have always been concerned with Lucy's speech. Our doctor walked in and said, "Mary, quit asking me about her speech. I've already told you nothing is wrong with her speech. She has over 200 words and she is putting 2-3 words together. She is SO ADVANCED! (Then she told me to quit comparing her to other kids.)" I love our doctor.

Lucy had a bloody ear yesterday so I made Marilou check it out too. I was praying that a tube didn't come out. Prayers answered, tubes are still there. So why did she have a bloody ear? Marilou said, "Oh, it looks like she has been putting things in her ear." What? Nothing was in there but she had scratched the canal....

Our next appointment is at three.

The End.


Audrey said...

Lucy, I am not surprised at all to hear how advanced you are! And I agree with your momma about not slouching. You will be a tall beautiful young lady!

Char said...

Love the jewels! A girl after my own heart!


Tall is good....that's coming from a very short Grandcookie. I think she might have gotten her affinity for the jewelry from me though.