Friday, August 20, 2010

The Fair.

This morning we loaded up the car and headed to the Benton County Fair. We met with our playgroup there to take advantage of the kids get in free day. Some how we all got in free. All the kids were really excited to see the animals. Lucy loves Livestock, especially the pigs. The older kids really wanted to ride some of the rides but they were all closed until tonight.

My favorite part of going to the fair, carnival, church bazaar or craft fair is the carny food (carnival food). I didn't participate in it this year. I really wanted a funnel cake and a turkey leg but decided on getting Lucy cotton candy and popcorn or pop-porn as she would say.

My big girl ready to go.
Lucy kept trying to pet this sheep. I kept calling it a goat.
I'm pretty sure this is a goat.
Lucy loved the pigs!
Some of our group. Treva, Reese, Pastor Susan and Sadie.
Have you ever wanted to sleep with the cows?
The Petting Zoo.
My sweet little girl.

Me, Lucy and Reese.
Me and Jonathan the Girl.
The End.



What lovely memories you are making with Lucy! The last picture of the two of you is great!

Char said...

I must say that I have never wanted to sleep with the cows. lol I wonder if the mother of the child laying underneath the cow ws mortified.
Lucy - you are a cutie-pie

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

"Jonathan the Girl" picture made me laugh! :)