Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Laura.

Happy Birthday to my sister Laura who celebrated her Birthday yesterday. It was one of those special milestone birthday's that she would rather not celebrate but I am just so thrilled she was born all those years ago I had to share! Happy Birthday Sister. You are beautiful!

Yesterday we went to a surprise party at Laura's work. They asked me if I would bring the coble kids and Lucy. The kids were crazy. We probably will decline to bring three hyper kids into an office building next time. Sorry Laura. They did enjoy the cake though!
Lucy didn't eat any of her cupcake. I kept asking her if it tasted good and she kept telling me NO! So what's a mom to do... I ate it. It was from my favorite Mexican Bakery Carbajal's in Bentonville! Delicious!
Later we babysat the kids so Ryan and Laura could go out for a date night.

It was a fun night for everyone.

The End.

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