Friday, August 27, 2010

Make Up, Friends and Stickers.

Lucy and I had the best day ever yesterday. We started the day off by playing outside and finger painting. After activity time we ate lunch and took a nap.

After nap we....

Played with Mommy's make up. (don't worry about the toothbrush on the floor, it's my jewelry cleaning brush)

Emma Grace came over to play for a little while too!

These girls are too funny. They both wanted to climb in the bed to go night night.
Later we played with stickers with Daddy.

Autumn got in on it too!

The End.

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So sweet! I love the sticker pictures. And for some reason, the picture of Lucy at the top of the slide really reminds me of Jonathan at that age. Yes, she looks like him, but in that picture, she really looks like him.