Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Fun Day.

Saturday we decided it would be fun to go Build a Bear at the Promenade. We went to the Build a Bear store, picked out our bear and got in line. When it was our turn to stuff a bear Lucy turned around, put her bear back in the bear bin and said Let's go, Leave Mama. What do you say to that? So we left! We walked around the promenade for a while. You will never guess where Lucy wanted to go... (See below)

We had to go in the Nine West store twice to touch all the shoes and purses.
She sat at the window and talked about all the shoes.
Then we went out to eat.
It was one of Lucy's best meals out. She sat the table the whole time.
The End.


Anonymous said...

Cute pics, fun family time and Lucy , keep loving those shoes. It truly is a "smart girl thing".

Ms. Connie


Lucy knows that grandparents show up with stuffed animals all the time, but I am thinking she is giving her daddy a glimpse into the and purses!!