Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation: New Orleans

Thursday, after my Bill Bill's funeral we headed back to Baton Rouge. The boys stayed at my Dad's condo aka Hotel Bullington with the kids while we were away.

On Friday we decided to head to New Orleans since it was raining and we wanted to do something on our last day of vacation. It was raining in New Orleans too so we went to the aquarium. Lucy loves the aquarium!

Lucy and Daddy.
Mommy and Lucy.
Lucy pushed her stoller the majority of the time.

We had lunch at the aquarium. We were going to walk to the French Quarter for lunch but it was raining. We are usually people who like to eat the local food.
There was a kids play area in the aquarium too.

Me and my girl.

After we left the aquarium we put Lucy in her stoller and headed towards the French Quarter. It had stopped raining and we decided to take advantage of that.

I love my husband.

Lucy passed out right in front of Cafe DuMonde. So we sat for the longest time had some coffee and ate beignets!
I just wanted to show pictures of my strange child. This was on our 11 hour trip home. I think she got bored.
Those are stickers.
I have a more vacation pictures. Get ready. I hope to have them up by tonight.

The End.

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