Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Emily!

Yesterday my little baby sister turned 23. I don't know if she still qualifies as a baby but she will always be my little sister. Actually she is 4 inches taller than me so I don't know if she can be my little sister either.

We ordered in sushi and ate dinner over at Laura's. I love sushi. I love family. I love that we have family that lives down the road so we can throw birthday parties for each other and let our kids play together.

Lucy with her noise maker.

The Three Bullington Girls.
The Cake. I have a story about the cake. See Below. After you look at the picture.
There is a Mexican Bakery in Bentonville. All of there cakes are so delicious I have never had a bad one. I'll even go as far as saying they are BETTER THAN RICK's. I said it. They are like eating a little slice of heaven. So I called to order a cake and they said they had a chocolate one made and I said perfect. There Chocolate on Chocolate is the best. I thought I ordered chocolate on chocolate. ANyway, they said do you want us to write happy birthday on it. I said yes. Do you want us to put strawberries on it-yes. Do you want us to add any extra decorations-sure. I went to pick up the cake and that is what they gave me. I will again say that the Cake is the best you will ever eat. Just be specific with what you order because they aren't good at decorating a cake.

Emily and Taylor.

The Girls playing.
The End.

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