Friday, October 15, 2010

Bathroom Makeover.

This shall be the known as the post where I showed you my toilet...

Okay, so. I have been working on Lucy's bathroom since before she was born. And what that means is that I bought some towels and hung them up. A year Later I bought that white flower pot and put some more towels in it. The picture above the toilet or commode (as my dad would call it) has been there since before I moved in. I just left it there since I didn't have anything else to put there. It has always bothered me because it didn't match the little kid theme I was doing.

Before Picture.
After Picture.
I already had the letters and the shelf. I plan on filling the shelf with towels.
I am looking for a few more things to finish this up with.
The End.

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Looks much more Lucy-like!