Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cooking and Halloween Party.

Yesterday Lucy's school had a Halloween party and all the kids got to wear their costumes to school. Lucy was really excited to wear hers! I know I'm a little (just a little) bit biased but don't you think I have the cutest little chef ever!

The kids got to trick or treat around the church and even got to go out to the pumpkin patch. I was very impressed with Lucy. She walked in a straight line, she listened and followed directions, she was talking and playing with her friends. Mother's Day Out is the best thing for her she has truly blossomed!

I met them in the pumpkin patch and Lucy saw me said Hey mama but didn't make a big deal that I was there. Usually she is very clingy when I pick her up but that day she knew she was still in class and continued to participate.

Do you see the little UPS man? I thought that was so cute.
Then they palyed games and did their 5 little pumpkin song.

They also decorated cookies.

The End.

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Such a sweet chef!! We had a wonderful week in NW AR!!