Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday.

We are crazy. We fought the crowd. Cut in line. Ran around. And scored big. If you consider a pack of disney princess barbies, video games and $5 playdough scoring big.

We got to Target right as they were opening. The line was wrapped around the building and then weaved through the parking lot. I've never been one for following rules (actually I have) so we cut and were one of the first 200 in. Don't judge me.

Here we are waiting to check out. It was ridiculous too!

The End.



And you all lived to smile about it! What adventurers you all are! I've never had the nerve or the gumption or whatever it takes.

Delta Bost said...

You girls are nuts! I bet you were the ones throwing stuff across aisles and elbowing everyone!