Monday, November 8, 2010

Lucy Speaks.

Random thing my little girl is talking about.

1. Lucy walks inside with her plastic turtle puts him on the couch and says, "Shh Mama, my turtle is tired. He is sleeping."

2. She lays a play pot down next to me and says, "Here Mama. It's hot. It's hot. It will burn you. Repeats. Hot and Burn to get her point across.

3. Jonathan: Lucy that is beautiful.
Lucy: Muy Bein (I don't know where she heard this)

4. Bapaw: Lucy who drew all over your hands?
Lucy: Dennis (he didn't she did)

5. Mama: Where is Daddy?
Lucy: Umm... Daddy at church. ( he was at work but I liked her answer)

6. Lucy: Where's Daddy?
Mama: He is at Work.
Lucy: At Work?
Mama: Dad is at work at Walmart
Lucy: Daddy works at walmart.

Later that day we went to walmart and Lucy said,"Where's daddy?" I just told her he worked on the computers at a different walmart.

7. The last couple of weeks we have pulled into the church or passed the church and Lucy will say that's church. It makes my heart happy. Usually her next question is See Emma? Emma goes to school at the church preschool while Lucy goes to the church mother's day out program. They like Sunday because they get to play together at church.

8. I got to Lucy's school early today so I could spy on her during circle time. Well they were reading a book and Lucy didn't want to listen. So I heard the teacher say, Lucy you need to sit down and listen. She didn't. So then I heard Lucy 1, Lucy 2, LUCY 3. Okay Lucy would you like to sit and listen to the story. Lucy, "NO." So she had to sit at the table with the other teacher. The whole time she sat at the table and sang along and did a little sway dance to the songs they started to sing. She did finish the day out by singing and dancing with her friends.

That's all I can think of right now.

The End.

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The Timbs Clan said...

Where does Lucy attend school?? I just thought she went to the church preschool