Thursday, November 18, 2010

Puzzles and Preschool.

Lucy and I have two mornings out of the week that we don't have anything planned and I love it that way. Tuesday we played in Lucy's room and did a hundred puzzles. Lucy is very good at puzzles.
Puzzles are a good way for us to learn shapes, colors, and animals.
On our off morning we work on our schooling. Every week her teachers at her school hang up a sign of what they are learning and we try to continue their curriculum at home.

This week:
Theme: Thanksgiving
Letter: G
Number: 7
Color: Orange
Shape: rectangle

I bought some neat preschool books that have a lot of worksheets in them. So we print those and color and learn. We made a goose this week.

Lucy story:
me:Lucy what color is that?
Lucy: Umm... RED!
me: well, it's blue. What color is this?
Lucy: RED!
me: well it is orange.

Everything is red!

me: Lucy what starts with G?
Lucy: nothing said
me: Giraffe, Does giraffe start with G
lucy: giraffe
me: Giraffe, giant, geography (It's hard coming up with g words on the spot)
Lucy: and GEORGE!

smart little girl!

The End.

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