Monday, November 8, 2010

Student of the Week.

Guess who was named student of the week at school? Any Guesses? Lucy Abigial Bost is right! So what does that mean. I'm not sure but it makes this mama feel good. Lucy and I got to bring snack to school to celebrate. I was thinking Cupcakes, cake and brownies! Then I read the note and it said Healthy snack. Oh, what's am I suppose to bring? I asked Jonathan. He said carrots and celery. I told him that was lame. I wasn't going to let Lucy be the kid who's mom brings lame snacks. So we brought applesauce, raisins, cheese cracker and hawaiian punch in the pouch. The teachers said it was a successful snack, the kids enjoyed it. (They also all wore it home, which in mom terms=success) Anyway, enough about a snack. (Can you tell that I am struggling for blogging material.

This morning I was trying to take picture of my little STUDENT OF THE WEEK but she was too busy trying to take my picture with the old camera.

Not happy about having her picture made.
The End.

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