Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baking and a story.

Yesterday I got to keep my Tator Tot. He is out of school for two weeks and I was so happy to have him for the day! I was extremely happy to have the help in the kitchen. Taylor is a master Chef. I had a bunch of Christmas baking to do so I put the boy to work!

Taylor chopping up Chocolates (with a knife...a sharp knife.. I watched him like a hawk and he did such a good job)
Lucy helped too! She chopped up chocolates with a spoon.
Taylor did each piece individually. An hour and a half later he was finished!
I love this little boy.
Speaking of Taylor. Did you know that he knows multiplication? He is only in the 1st grade. I told him that we needed to make 6 batches of cookies with 20 cookies in a batch and then I asked him how many cookies would we have? He said that's easy 120 cookies. After some quick calculations on my fingers I confirmed that he was indeed correct! (I'm not really that slow at math he was just that quick) So then for the next hour I asked the little rain man at least 500 math questions. He answered them all correctly! I then said how do you know multiplication and he said,"well Aunt Mary, It's just like adding"! Smarty pants!

On another note:
Look who's hair is curling!
I'm glad to see she is getting something from me.

One last story:
Conversation between Jonathan and I
Me: I wonder why Lucy doesn't look anything like me. (because if you haven't noticed she looks just like Jonathan)
Jonathan: That's not true. She doesn't look exactly like me. She has your big beaver teeth!

Thanks Babe...

The End.


Delta Bost said...

You tell Jonathan that Lucy does NOT have beaver teeth, and neither do you!! You are all beautiful! That is why I was sad when I didn't have a family portrait on my Christmas card. :( But Emily and Lucy did team up wonderfully for the pictures, they turned out so cute!

Oh, and will you please let Lucy know that I, too, enjoy cutting chocolates with a spoon... in the kitchen... without pants on! Her and I have more in common than you know! :)

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

HA! That made me laugh out loud....loud enough that Jason looked at me weird :)


Me too, Stephanie! I laughed at the blog story and I laughed at Delta's comment. Funny stuff!