Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards.

Last year I didn't send Christmas Cards. Why? Because I didn't get my stuff together in time. I think I blamed it on the economy or sustainability or world hunger not on my laziness. Well this year I made plans to send Christmas cards. We took pictures. I made a Christmas Card List. Then I stopped. Then I started receiving cards in the mail. I love Christmas Cards. I love looking at people and their children. It put me in the mood to send out my Christmas Cards. Then Shutterfly offered 50 free cards to bloggers. Little did they know I was going to order from them anyway. (haha suckers)

Shutterfly offers a lot of really neat products. Not only do they do Photo Christmas Card but they also do Wall Calenders, photo books and other holiday cards! There prices aren't bad either!

So after looking through the shutterfly website I picked a few cards that I really liked. I'm not posting my final card because I want it to be a surprise. I have a few requirements when choosing a christmas card. What are your requirements? Well it has to say Merry Christmas. Why? Because I celebrate Christmas and so does everyone I am sending a card to. If I had some jewish friends I think I would my requirements to say Happy Holidays. (which there is a wide selection of both types of cards) Second requirement: Holiday Colors. When I say Holiday Colors I mean Christmas Colors. When I say Christmas Colors I mean Red and Green. Shutterfly has a lot of different Color Schemes to choose from but I prefer the more traditional colors.

Here are a couple of favorites.
1. Merry Christmas-Check
2. Green and a little red-Check
3. Christmas Tree- added bonus.
1. Merry Christmas-Check
2. Christmas Red-Check

1. Merry Christmas-Check
2. Christmas Colors-Check
So here is the plan. I am putting together my christmas address list. (this is the part i dread) I am selecting a picture and a card and hopefully you will get to see my childs beautiful face in your mailbox this christmas season. Still I am not making any promises... but that is the plan.

*After writing this I went on a search for my wedding/babyshower/ family address spreadsheet. I can't find it. So then I went searching for the hard copy. I can't find it. This is the problem with the stuff it in a drawer/closet/box organizational system. As of right now I have about half of my address to still find.

The End.

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Audrey said...

I think you should definitely do Christmas cards! I love receiving them too! And everyone loves getting updated family pics!