Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Decor.

I love Christmas Decorations. I love pulling out all of my ornaments one by one. Each tell a story. I love seeing my Lucy's little face light up the first time she saw the lights on the tree. I love when she asks me to "turn on Christmas Lights." I love the season. It's funny how having a child can bring out the Christmas Spirit in you. I want her to have the best memories of Christmas.

Welcome to our home.
The wreath is from a fundraiser at Lucy's school.
The first thing you see when you enter the house is my antique china cabinet in the foyer. This cabinet holds all of my stemware and my Grandmother's china. The foyer is decorated with pictures of Old Main and the University of Arkansas. If you didn't know, I love Old Main that's why we got married there.
Our Christmas Tree is in the living room. It is next to the Fire place. I'm kind of loving the red and white mesh!
I stole these pictures from my mom last year. (love ya mom!)
Both Pictures.
I love the stockings too. And yes I still have stocking for our dogs. They are actually loved!
I love our Christmas Tree this year. Last year I did a peacock theme tree. This year I pulled out all of my special ornaments and hung them on our tree.

My little angel made our Christmas Angel.
This makes me want to cry. Lucy Abigail's footprint 2008. (5 months old)
I moved all of my peacock theme decorations into the kitchen. I didn't do much just a swag over my china cabinet.

My Joy.
I had a Christmas Ornament holder in the shape of a tree and I decided to put Lucy's bows on it in her bathroom.
I also have a huge class container that I filled with balls and set next to our couch.
And Because I love her here's Lucy! (Side Note, Can you wear a snow man outfit after Christmas? It's winter. I hate seasonal things after the season. Let me know your thoughts.)
That's it. Merry Christmas!

The End.


Christa said...

Love your tree and mantel! SO pretty!

Tina @ Girl Meets Globe said...

And I think her shirt would look just fine after Christmas. It is not overly Christmasy. It's cute!
Merry Christmas!

Hannah said...

Beautiful decorations! I love what you did with the ribbons through the garland on the mantle and cabinets.

And, I think her shirt is fine after Christmas--more wintery then Christmasy!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

Very pretty! I got some mesh and attempted to start my garland... I got the mesh on and then stopped! I so need to finish it up after seeing yours, very prettY!