Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve.

This year we had ourselves a very little orphan Christmas. The sisters and I gathered at Laura's house to eat ourselves silly. We had to fill the void of not having parents. Now that I made my parents feel guilty I can say that I am just joking. You were greatly missed (They spent Christmas with their parents in Alabama, they are indeed still alive)but we didn't feel like orphans. We did eat ourselves silly though.

Emily and I spent the afternoon preparing our feast at my house.
We made a beef tenderloin for dinner and it was outstanding!
My sweet husband and I at dinner.
Our little girls.
Uncle Pookie and Taylor.
My sister cooking.
The Pioneer Woman Artichoke dip and colorful christmas chips.
We decided to keep dinner simple with tenderloin, green beans and potato's. So before dinner we had a bunch of appetizers.
Me and my sister.
Me and my little girl.
I kept pulling my pants up because they were a little big and Ryan offered me his camo belt. I was modeling it.
My sweet little emma grace and taylor.

The End.

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