Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Night.

Saturday afternoon we drove down to Arkadelphia to spend a few days with Jonathan's family! We don't get down to Arkadelphia very much but when we do we really enjoy it!

That night we got to enjoy Bapaw, Tookie, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Delta and my little Man Asher!

Tookie (the grandma formally known as Cookie) gave Delta and I these hats. So we had to model them.
Bapaw and Lucy.
Asher eating some dinner.
Lucy checking out Asher's truck. She was just waiting for him to look away so she could steal it.
Lucy helping give Asher his bottle.

Lucy who sitting in Asher's seat.
Lucy trying on Bapaw's sweatshirt.
Little Bapaw.
The End.


Delta Bost said...

I love all of the pictures! Thank you for sharing them!! I hope to put some on here either this weekend or next...
I miss you guys already! Come visit! Oh, and bring cookies when you come! :)


What a wonderful time!! Thank you Mary for doing such a good job documenting and taking pictures. I miss you all!!