Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colors, Cookies and Lines.

Lucy and I spent the day together. Usually on Wednesdays she has school. I am really enjoying our time together I just hope she isn't getting too bored with me! I know she misses her buddies at school because she keeps asking me when we are going to church (where she goes to school).

This morning we did some some lessons on colors. I usually pull out the play-doh for color learning. I also usually only pull out one color at a time. That way we can focus on one color. Well, Lucy talked me into opening like 5 containers and they ended up all mixed together. I hate mixed up play-doh. It will never be the same. I'm glad Santa is bringing her some more!

After Play-doh, we washed our hands and got started on some more cookies. Lucy was the biggest helper. I would roll cookies and she would put them on the baking sheet.
Look at that line. I also incorporated counting into our baking lesson. She can count to 10 on her own and she can count to 20 with a little help.
There's nothing better than a big old Christmas Mess.

The cookies Lucy laid out for me. While she wasn't looking I would take 15 at a time to bake.
My motto is You can always clean up a mess!

Later after we got all cleaned up we rearranged some presents. Lucy has done very well with not messing with the tree or ornaments. She always tells me not to touch just look with your eyes.
Later tonight she rearranged the presents again.

The End.

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