Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Day.

I love the weekends. My favorite thing about the weekend is that Jonathan is at home. I am so thankful he wants to spend his days off with us. I hate that Lucy becomes a daddy's girl and wants nothing to do with her mama.

Today we got up and watched Cartoons in bed. We ate sausage balls and then got ready for the day. Jonathan had some shopping to do and Lucy and I needed to get out of the house so we went with him. While he shopped we played!

Lucy playing in the outdoor play area.
Then the indoor play area. Lucy wanted to ride all the rides. She would put her money in and then as soon as it started she would jump off and get on another one. I asked her why she didn't want to ride and she replied, "It scares the Lucy."

We also went and played with the trains at a specialty store. If I would have know how much Lucy liked the train set Santa would have brought her one. I guess we could always go play with Manna's train set at the farm house.

Time to go.
Our lunch out was short lived. One tired bear+ nap time=disaster lunch date. We got it to go and put Lucy to bed.
Look closely at the picture below.

I put Lucy in bed. I heard her up and playing for 30 minutes and then I found her like this. Her room was clean when I put her to bed. She left a trail of evidence. She read books, played with blocks, put Mickey to sleep by her gate and did a couple of puzzles.
After nap we started a family band.
Then after dinner we loaded up the car and went Christmas Light sightseeing.
It was a fun family day!
The End.

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I never get tired of looking at your blog and hearing about your day to day activities. I am a Lucy addict!!