Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Funny Things

Funny Things I don't want to forget

1. When Lucy rides on my back(which is often) she laughs and laughs and calls herself a backpack.

2. When Lucy wants me to hold her she reaches up and says, "Hold You Me Lucy." I don't know if she wants to hold me or me to hold her.

3. Every morning Lucy wakes up and says Watch Beauty and the Beast Mommy.

4. We have caught the Oh Man bug.
Me: Lucy it's time to go to bed.
Lucy: OH MAN!
If she drops something, Oh man. If she doesn't like something I have to say, Oh Man. She's cute.

5. She wants to sing "Jingle Balls." When singing the song she sings Jingle Bells but the song is called Jingle Balls.

6. Everytime we get in the car she tells me the story about the time when she was riding in the car with her daddy and she bumped her head in his truck!

7. She remembers places. We were turning down our street and she got excited and said we're home! She also knows when we are at Walmart. She asks where her daddy is. And she knows when we are near the church. She loves going to the church. She also knows the street before we get to Emma's house. She gets very excited then. She also knows Manna and G-Daddy's farm and yells Emily.

8. Lucy crawled out the dog door yesterday and .5 seconds later crawled back in and said Oh Mama It's Cold!

That's all I can remember to remember.

The End.

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