Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals.

Before making my new goals I thought I would reflect on my old goals.
2010 Goals
1. Be a better wife.-This should be an on going goal. Did I accomplish it? You would have to ask my husband.

2. Be more a more patient mother. -again an ongoing goal. Did I accomplish it? You would have to ask Lucy.

3. Continued Spiritual Relationship. -again ongoing goal. This past year I felt I was being called to experience God through his word. I have joined a great women's bible study and we have done some really good studies. I have also been taking a disciple class. This class is suppose to cover 70% of the bible. I realized that I am really bible dumb. I'm working on that.

4. Lose the baby weight. -Did I accomplish this goal? I lost 40 pounds last year(september to september) ! I am so proud of myself for this! I didn't think it was possible but I did it. My advice to anyone is get a walking partner and count your calories. I use and they have an iphone app.

5. Blog more. I wanted to reach 250 blog post. Did I accomplish it? Yes I blogged 254 times. I won't be making this goal again but I'm glad I did it!

2011 Goals.
1. Get rid of 50% of the stuff in my house. Aggressive. Yes. Necessary. Yes. If you see something of mine that you want just ask most likely I'll be getting rid of it. (when I say 50% I probably mean like 25-50%)

2. Frame pictures. If you know me you know that I love pictures of my child and you may also know that I never get them framed. This may sound like more of a to do list but it's a necessary goal.

Lucy's goals.
1. Start using the potty.

Side story on potty training:
Lucy likes to sit on the potty. We are in the beginning stages of training. I'm not pushing her when she wants to sit on the potty we go but it's all her. So when she sits on the potty she likes to sing, she likes to talk, she likes to wipe and she likes to flush. She doesn't like to use the potty just sit. She has only used it once and a couple of mishaps by the potty. Anyway, so she likes to sit, sing and talk and the whole time all I can think is SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT! I'm not serious but the saying always pops in my head.

I'm not going to be too ambitious this year with our goals. I just want us to be a happy healthy family who loves each other and the Lord.

The End.

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