Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day in Pictures.

Tuesday started out like most days. Lucy woke up and we sat in my bed and watched cartoons. I thought I could get away with taking a bath while she watched cartoons but that was short lived and instead we took a bath together. When Lucy hears my bathtub water she always comes running while taking off her clothes. This kid loves a bath!
After our bath, we got dressed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Eggs were on the menu. Lucy bear loves eggs.
That afternoon I had a board meeting at the church so Lucy went to the Explore and Discover room to play. She loves this room! Which I'm very happy about, I'm hoping she will start preschool here next year. (If we are potty trained...and I have a funny story about that but that's a different post)
This is how I found Lucy when I went to pick her up.
I couldn't help laughing, I thought she looked like Ace Ventura. Mama's going to have to buy her some dress up clothes.
After our meeting we stopped by the associate store to see if they had anything new. And they did! Look at Lucy's new Chair!
When I saw the pink polka dots I knew it was meant to be!
That's pretty much our day.

The End.



The pink polka-dotted chair is adorable and perfect for her room! Is it a recliner??
I want to hear the potty-training story too!

Audrey said...

Love the new chair Lucy!! It is perfect! And tell your mommy she definitely needs to get you some dress up clothes. They are a must have!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

i love the chair!