Thursday, January 6, 2011


Kids Say the Darndest things.

The other night Lucy woke up and Jonathan and I put her in between us to go back to sleep. We would later transfer her back to her bed. While we were all cuddled in bed Lucy said," Hey what's that noise?" We both said it's just the dogs let's go to sleep. She then replied with," No, No Momma pooted." We all died laughing and I just wanted to clarify that I didn't.

Next story: (This is about the potty. She is very curious)
Conversation between Lucy and her Daddy.

Lucy: Daddy, you tinkle in the potty?
Daddy: Yeah, I tinkle in the potty?
Lucy: Momma poopies in the potty!
Again, we died laughing.

I'm afraid Jonathan is going to think we sit at home pooting and pooping all day.
What is she going to tell him next? How mommy shaves her toes and bleaches her mustache!

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