Friday, January 21, 2011

Full Day of Fun.

Our day started with a pop tart in bed. No, I don't usually let Lucy eat in our bed but since it was sheet washing day I thought I would make an exception.
Lucy was not into having her picture made.
We spent the morning moving cars around. Emily had two cars to get to the shop so we played shuttle bus for her. We didn't mind. After our bus duties were over we ate.

Can you tell I'm running low on blog material? A couple of years from now I may find it very interesting to see what I had for lunch... Turkey Wrap, Brussel sprouts and water.
Emily spent the afternoon with us and Lucy just loved it! They cuddled on the couch while I cleaned.
After an attempted nap we went to play with the Coble's.
Lucy helped Laura and I make dinner.
I took Emma's picture. She then told me that she would like a little privacy please.
I love this little Jonathan the girl.
Lucy wearing a coffee filter.
Emma and Lucy playing with a ball.
I think they teamed up on Taylor and his snake.
We had a fun filled day. Thank you sister for having us over.

The End.

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