Friday, January 14, 2011


Lucy had a day of fun the other day. She went to school and then we went to chickfila to play and eat. Lucy and I sat down with my friend Marci and Lucy looked at the play area and said,"Go Play." I told her she had to eat and she ate one bite of a french fry and said,"I'm done mama."
So I let her go play with the other 10 kids in the play area. She did great. Seven minutes later she came out, sat down and ate the rest of her lunch! I couldn't believe it. We had a lovely lunch date. At one point, I pointed to Marci and asked Lucy if she knew that Ms. Marci had a baby in her belly? She did her surprised face and said, Nooooo. It was in a voice like I don't think so mom. Or that's one of the dumber things you have ever said. I guess the funny part was when she kept looking under the table to check out Marci's belly. I was so thankful that she didn't go lift up her shirt to take a look!

Lucy before school. (Crazy eyed Autumn in the background)
Lucy asleep after our little adventure.

The End.

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Thank you for the Lucy update!! We are missing her so much!