Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucy Speaks.

Lucy has been talking NONSTOP lately. For a mom who thought her kid might be mute I'm not complaining! I'm loving hear what she has to say. I'm loving how she tells me how she is feeling or what she wants. I'm really loving this age.

Funny Things Lucy has said:

1. The other day I picked Lucy up from school. I always arrive early because I like to spy on her through the window. I like to see her in her element, following directions, growling at kids (that's another story), paying attention and sometimes not paying attention. On Wednesday one of her teacher came out to some things in the kids cubbies and she said, "Mary you will never believe but Lucy has been talking nonstop today." I said, "Oh really." I have been asking ms. cindy for months if Lucy talks to them at school. She always says sometimes. Just basic things though. I encouraged them to make her talk don't give her what she wants. That's what we did at home and she was talking to me just fine. Back to the story. She said Lucy had been a total Chatty Cathy and she could understand 80% of it. I am one proud mama!

2. Tonight at dinner Lucy was eating and then I heard her say, "Mmmm... This is delicious!"

3. Lucy has had a sinus infection for the last week and her antibiotic has given her a yeast infection on her bottom. Tonight she was holding her bottom and she was crying and saying "Mama my bottom burns." So I picked her up and put some medicine on her bottom and as I was rubbing it on she said very dramatically "Oh Thank you Mama."

Have I mentioned that I love this kid!

The End.

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