Monday, January 3, 2011

Operation Get Rid of Things.

Operation get rid of things has started. I'm starting small. Today I tackled two projects the kitchen cabinet and Lucy's closet.

I love having all my cookbooks together.
Lucy's closet.

And I framed a picture. This one was easy because I just had to put a picture in.
The End.

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Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Maybe you're "nesting"!!! Lol :) That's what I've been doing... I've been switching all of Kohen's infant stuff to the new nursery (which was the guest bedroom, and moving the guest bedroom to our "gym" room). PLUS putting away Christmas stuff. So my house is a MESS! I also have all of Kohen's outgrown clothes in Rubbermaid's in the hallway. I feel like I need to wait to see if the baby is a boy or girl before I move them into the nursery... but that won't be until FEBRUARY! SO, I'm thinking I need to do something with that too! It's very overwhelming! Good luck with your Operation Get Rid of Things!