Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special Day.

Today Jonathan and I had a a special day with Lucy. We started with Best Buy. This was special for Daddy and Lucy. Lucy loved playing with some of the kid display toys.
Then we went to the promenade to play in the indoor play area. Lucy likes the cars and tractors but only when they are not moving.
Then we went to build a bear. Lucy loved it! She was running back and forth looking for the perfect animal, the perfect outfit and the perfect accessories.
Lucy stuffing her bear.
Washing her bear, actually it's a dog.
All done. I need to take a picture of our dog named puppy who is dressed like a ballerina.
Our last stop was the train table at Melody's choices. Lucy loves the trains!
I love that little tongue sticking out. Her daddy does that too when he is concentrating on something.
It was a fun day with my family.

The End.

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