Monday, February 14, 2011

Havenwood Angel Gala.

Saturday night Jonathan and I were invited to attend the Havenwood Gala. We were excited to get dressed up to support a good cause. I didn't realize how much I loved a silent auction until Saturday. It got my heart racing and I got a little too excited! It was a fun kid free date night.

Jonathan and I. This is our we don't believe in smiling face.
I love my husband. I think he is dreamy.
Laura's company was a sponsor for the event and they had extra tickets that's why we were all there. Thank you whitewave we had a lovely time.

Emily and I .
Laura and Ryan.
Jonathan and I.
The End.



What handsome and elegant people were at this party! Mary, your hair looks fantastic. So sorry we couldn't get there to babysit, but it sounds like Lucy loved going to the church.

DeAnna said...

Mary you look so pretty! love that red dress! Isn't dress up, date night so fun!!

Delta Bost said...

What a super hot couple you two are! J.Lo and Marc Anthony, move over!! :) Glad you guys had fun.

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

You look great Mary!