Monday, February 14, 2011

Sadie turns three!

Yesterday we celebrated Sadie's birthday at the crafty cottage in Bentonville. It was such a cute party. All the girls wore princess dresses, wings, and tutus! We gave Lucy an early valentines present, a princess dress, for the occassion.

This is me and Tori. Once upon a time I was in the Miss BHS pagent in highschool and Tori was my little Miss. I have to find the original picture to post. Tori now babysits at our church.
All the girls decorating there crowns.
This was the cutest party. All the girls got to pick a piece of pottery to paint. Of course Lucy chose a shoe.
Very serious!

It was a very cute party and for some reason I neglected to take a picture of the birthday girl.

The End.

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