Thursday, February 3, 2011


We have loved being snowed in. Jonathan has been working from home, which actually doesn't work out so great because Lucy knows he is in our bedroom and always wants to go see him. I'm thankful he does not work from home. I think he is too. We have loved having him home for lunch and the commute is great! Aunt Emily has been spending her snow vacation with us too. She loaded up the Coble's dogs, who she is dog sitting, headed over and we have been enjoying her ever since.

Lucy eating a poptart. Emily protecting her from her audience.
We ventured outside. Lucy was snug as a bug in a rug. Do you like her camo ski mask? It's her dads.
Look how deep the snow is. Lucy is a pretty tall kid and it was up to her knees!
We even went to walmart to get some supplies. Like valentine cards, brussel sprouts and soup ingredients. Let's just say we needed to get out.
Since Lucy was so good we decided to go play at the Farm. (Hey G-daddy, I like your new shed)
Lucy loves the snow.
and the horses.

Hey Centermark! What's the matter? Why the long face?

Lucy in the truck ready to go back home.
After we played outside at the farm we went home and made cookies! This is our favorite activity to do. I recently stole my mom's recipe file, to turn into a little family cookbook to pass out to the sisters. Since we had this little book of gold in our possession we decided to make Mom's famous Peanut Butter M&M Cookies!

Lucy ate the M&M's.

Lucy has also enjoyed having her cousin's dogs here. She loves Aunyx because she likes to chase her! I even caught her trying to ride fancy!

We finished our day with a bowl of clean snow to eat. Lucy insisted on eating it on the floor like a dog. She is very cute and has the biggest imagination. Sometimes I will say Lucy can you do this or that and she will say, "No mama, I'm a puppy dog."
That was our day.

The End.

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