Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Pictures.

We've been snowed in. We are tired and bored. I hear we are getting more tomorrow! The best part about snow weather is sledding at the farm, eating warm soups and stews, being with my family, and I lost three pounds from chasing a bored hyper active child! The worst party about snow weather is it's cold, I have a bored hyper active child and we are out of our routine.

Lucy and Aunyx
Emily and Lucy building a snow man.
Lucy or as she would say Jucy.
We did get out the other morning to eat pancakes at Ihop. Lucy loved it.
Daddy showing Lucy an icicle.

Playing outside.
Snow ball fight.
We also built a snow man and went sledding with the Coble's and Aunt Emily.

The End.

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