Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today Lucy bear and I had errands to run in Fayetteville. I just love Fayetteville. We had to drop off our taxes and while doing so Lucy kept asking for chickfila and chicken nuggets. So what baby wants baby gets. Actually that isn't true at all but today it was.

I love this kid.

The End.

Back at the Ranch

We traveled back home with 30 lbs of crawfish. When we got home we had a big ole crawfish boil.
We were thankful to see these two guys. Almost as much as their little girls were. I'm glad they were willing to cook for us.
The End.


The girls got quite one afternoon. When they came out from the back they were each wearing Taylor's beads.

The End.

New Orleans

Monday we packed up and headed to New Orleans for the night.

One of my favorite parts of our spring break besides the family and food was the weather. I loved pulling out all of Lucy's spring and summer clothes!

Jackson Square.

The girls first time on Bourbon Street.
Monday night Dad brought Emily and I out to listen to jazz and drink cocktails.
Tuesday morning at Cafe Dumonde
Jackson Square again. Lucy loved it because I let her out of the stroller to run around.

I love these little girls. I love they they can still wear their little birthday outfits.
I love this little face.
And this one too.

The End.

Baton Rouge Day 2

Most of the day was spent at the pool. Lucy had bad a bad diaper rash so we avoided the pool. (Diaper rash was caused by her eating atleast 7 oranges in a row) We headed down to the LSU mascots home to see Mike the tiger. Lucy loved him!

The End.

Baton Rouge Day 1

This year for spring break we went to Baton Rouge to see my parents. This has become our favorite sister trip to take. I'm afraid it was our last trip to take together though unless we get a dugger van.
Day 1: My dad planned the day for us. He brought us to a St Patricks parade which the kids loved.

Actually the Coble kids loved the parade. Lucy instantly said,"Mama, that's too loud. I don't like it."
Taylor with all his beads!
Manna with Lucy and Emma Grace.
Lucy on the patio.
Walking around the Condo grounds.
I love these two little girls.
Condo pond.
Emma and Lucy.
That night dad arranged a babysitter for the little girls and we all had dinner at Galatorie's. It was amazing. Galatorie's is one of the Top 25 restaurants in the US.
We also celebrated Taylor and G-Daddy's birthday there.
The End.

Dress Up.

Lucy loves to dress up. While I was packing for our trip she got into my jewelry! One day I'll teach her the less is more rule.
The End.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm still alive. I've been on vacation. I have at least 6 post coming up filled with Lucy pictures. Stay tuned.. they should be up tonight.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Activity Day.

We have had a busy day at home. I was reading last night about what a 31-32 month old should be doing so today we tested and reviewed that list. I am very excited to say that on somethings she is very advanced for her age especially coordination wise but the good news is we are where we are suppose to be. (Other moms who stay at home are you ever worried that you aren't doing enough?) Sometimes I am very confident in my job (being a mom) other times I am very insecure.
Back to our day.
We started the day out painting.
Then we practiced drawing circles and crosses. Yes she can do both! The cross was advanced for a 34 month. She is 32 months. Yes, I'm bragging.
And then she became her own canvas.
We also practiced shapes and colors. For some reason she can't name a color when doing flashcards but when I laid them all on the ground and ask her where a certain color was she could do all of them. We will keep working on them.

That's how we spent the our day!

The End.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Party.

We celebrated Taylor's birthday today. He actually turns 7 on Wednesday! I can barely believe that just 7 years ago we were holding a brand new Taylor Coble.

Lucy and Emma playing on the swings.
Lucy and the horses.
Emma Grace and Lucy picking Manna's flowers.

AAhhh! A snake!
Taylor's cake. He saw this cake in the cake book at the cookie cake company. Instead of happy birthday it said Happy Bosses Day, to the big cheese. He thought it was hilarious!
Lucy and Daddy.
My family.
Taylor and his momma.

Emma Grace, Lucy and Lilla at the kids table.
The End.