Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Activity Day.

We have had a busy day at home. I was reading last night about what a 31-32 month old should be doing so today we tested and reviewed that list. I am very excited to say that on somethings she is very advanced for her age especially coordination wise but the good news is we are where we are suppose to be. (Other moms who stay at home are you ever worried that you aren't doing enough?) Sometimes I am very confident in my job (being a mom) other times I am very insecure.
Back to our day.
We started the day out painting.
Then we practiced drawing circles and crosses. Yes she can do both! The cross was advanced for a 34 month. She is 32 months. Yes, I'm bragging.
And then she became her own canvas.
We also practiced shapes and colors. For some reason she can't name a color when doing flashcards but when I laid them all on the ground and ask her where a certain color was she could do all of them. We will keep working on them.

That's how we spent the our day!

The End.

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