Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playing and the ER.

Tuesday Lucy and I met a friend at Chickfila. We played on the playground then we had lunch and then Lucy played on the playground again. This is a three part story.

Before Marci joined us Lucy and I were in the play room and I was talking to another mom and 20 minutes after we started talking she said you look familiar. I hate when people say that it makes me think I should know them and I hate when I can't remember people. Anyway, she said do you have a sister. There you go. She knew Laura and thought we looked just alike. I don't see it.

Then we had lunch.

Then Lucy played on the playground. While playing Lucy bumped her head on the one non padded metal bar in the place. It instantly turned black and blue and she had a giant whelp on her head. Her eyes looked fine. Speech was good. Motor skills were good. I had a meeting at the church so I the daycare director check it out and she said it looked fine watch her for an hour and don't let her go to sleep. So I did.

She was fine all day. Then at 1 am wednesday morning she started vomiting. She vomited two times in a 10 minute span. So we loaded up and headed to the ER. Vomiting after a head injury can be a sign of a concussion or head trauma. So I'm glad we went. The doctor checked her over and said No were going to leave this little kid alone. What? He said she looked fine. I asked about the vomitting and he said looked like a stomach bug. Oh.... It will go down as the most expensive stomach bug known to man. But I'm thankful it wasn't anything serious!

We got home at 4 and Lucy was up by 8. No more vomit. Thank the Lord!

THis is for all them mom's in Bentonville (if you are still reading. I know this is long)
Do not go to the Bentonville Chickfila indoor play area. Thursday we were there and Friday we had a stomach bug. Tuesday we were there and Wednesday we had the stomach bug. Yes I am blaming them. It is a popular choice for mom's in the area and we won't be back.

The End.


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

You did the right thing by taking her to the ER! I would have been scared to death!

Audrey said...

Oh poor Lucy! I'm sorry you will be spending less time at Chick-fil-A, but I am so glad you are feeling better.