Thursday, April 7, 2011


I decided at the beginning of the New Year I was not going to set any blogging goals. Well looks like I need some. I love to blog about my family, I love to read blogs, I just Love them. Except for the writing a post. But I love having this as a scrapbook for my Lucy.
So here is my blogging goal.
1. Blog at least 250 this year. That's 20 a month. But since it is already April I have to blog 21 times every month. Hopefully this goal will get me back on track to blogging.

While I'm setting goals I need to make a goal to maintain my weight. Yes I think it's a given that when you lose weight don't gain any back. I gained 5 pounds on our trip a couple of weeks ago I have 2 to get off and then I need to maintain.

That's it.

The End.

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