Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today my wonderful husband turned 31! We had a small get together tonight to celebrate his special day. I ordered Abuelo's for dinner and got a cake and we had ourselves a little party!

The Cake. It was a chocolate turtle cake and it was rich and divine! I got it from the gas station bakery! When I say gas station I mean gormet grocery store in Roger's (I think it's pinnacle station) that happen's to have a gas station.
My handsome husband.

Birthday spread.
I picked up plates at the associate store today and I guess this Vendor is tired of Walmart selling their samples in the store because I did not get what I paid for. One birthday plate and the rest were Christmas.
Lucy Abigail Bost.
Everyone had a fun time except Laura.... Laura, Why the long face? Oh maybe it was because she didn't eat any cake.
Emily and Emma enjoyed it though.
Thank you Jonathan for having a birthday. Thank you Coble's and Emily for coming over for Birthday dinner and cake.

The End.

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Delta Bost said...

I am no longer on a diet now... so feel free to send me any leftover cake! Looks wonderful!
But I will have to say the cake looked like a fire hazard with all of those candles!!! :)