Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today was a busy day. I had a baby shower for my good friend Marci and date night with our small group. Saturday morning we met at the Crumpet Tea Room in Rogers for the baby shower. It was a cute little shower with great food, good company and fun games. (I won the shower game)

Gift Table. Marci had a platter made with Joseph's initials and everyone who has attended one of her showers has signed it. I thought that was a cute idea.
The good table minus the chicken salad and orange rolls that were served.
Cute Cake.
Laura and Treva.
The shower game. You had to guess what was in the bag.

Saturday night we had a dinner date with our small group from Sunday school. Our Sunday school class has decided to start a dinner club of groups of three so we can all get to know each other. We went to PF Chang and it was delicious.

The Boys.
The Girls.
It was a good night to go to PF Chang's. Bentonville was having there prom and we got to rate and review all the dress/hair/makeup choices!

The End.

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Looks like you are having all kinds of fun!!