Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today was a another busy day. We had church, sunday school and another baby shower!

Today at church the children got to carry palm branches down the aisle and lay them at the cross. My little Lucy was included in this walk and this Mama was so proud! I almost cried.
In sunday school we have been teaching the kids the easter story. I've been really surprised at how well they done with this. They will tell us Jesus died for our sins because he loves us. This makes me so happy! So to reward them for their hard work we had an easter egg hunt.

I helped host a drop-in shower for Marci this afternoon.
Laura and Marci

Sister Laura and her litter of kids.

The End.

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Love all the belly pics, but I have a question for you: When did you trade that little baby in your header for a lanky, long-legged, long-haired girl? Oh, how I would have loved seeing the Palm Sunday Service...but I would have embarrassed all of you, because I cried at the picture. I would have come apart if I had been there!!