Friday, May 20, 2011


While in Alabama we got to spend some time with Memaw.

Lucy and Memaw.
Aunt Gwyn, Emma and Lucy planting a hanging basket.

They ended up getting so wet and dirty we gave them a good ole alabama bath with a hose!

The End.


After hearing the news of my GrandDaddy passing, the sisters and I loaded up the car with the two girls and headed to Alabama. Yes we are crazy but it's easier on dads this way.

Lucy and Emma playing with their second cousins Samuel and Maggie.

That Tuesday we attended the funeral. I just wanted to show a few pictures of his headstone. It was really pretty.

It says Bullington, Thomas Dave, Margaret Gey and in the center it has their wedding date and below that it says "The Love of my Life." Very true. They have been married 66 years. I thought it was funny they already had a headstone and Dad says they've had it for 20 years... they are planners.
My cousin Shirl and her husband Tracy.
My parents and Emily.
My parent's, Emily and Me.
On the back of their headstone it had the names of their children on it.
My parents with Dads sister Shirley.
Laura with my grandmother.
Back at the house the kids played some more with Lily.
Manna and Lucy. Lucy is a Manna's girl.
Emma Grace and her Mama. Emma Grace is a mama's girl too.
The End.


Let me back up a little.

Before we left for Alabama we went on a family date. We went to downtown rogers and ate at the best pizza place, The Rail. It was delicious gourmet pizza. Then we played on the playground.
It was a good day for a nap.

and a swim.

The End.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm behind on my blogging.

I have two options.

1. Blog with pictures.

2. Shut this sucker down.

I'll let you know my decision.

The End.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Thomas Dave Bullington
May 13 1924- May 7 2011

"He prepared his whole life for this day."-David Bullington

The End.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ladies who Lunch.

Yesterday our church held a ladies tea and fashion show to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. I thought everything was simply wonderful. The only thing I would do differently for next year is wear a hat!

Ladies petite food. I had to eat again afterwards!

Me and Pastor Susan.
The End.


On Saturday Lucy and I got back from Alabama. We immediately went home repacked and drove with Jonathan up to Branson to spend time with his family. Becky and I have been planning our Branson trip for the last month and it didn't go as planned but still was fun and I'm glad we got to go.

Me and Asher.
Lucy stealing Asher's toys.
I didn't realize how big Lucy was until she stood next to Asher.
Lucy and Bapaw.

Bapaw, Lucy and Asher. Lucy refused to smile.

The End.


Last week Lucy and I went to Alabama to visit my grandparent's who were in the hospital. My memaw was released the day we got there but my granddad is still in the hospital. I'm glad I got to make the trip home to see not just them but my other extended family.

Traveling was fun but a little stressful. We flew. We drove. We battle a tornado but we made it! Our flight originally was suppose to go from Xna to Chicago to Huntsville. It was rerouted from xna to Memphis. Our flight was cancelled to Huntsville due to the storms so we drove (not really knowing what we might drive into or the damage the tornado had caused) But we made it safely and got to visit for a couple of days. I was thankful that my mom was travelling down with us or we would have turned around and gone home. The trip home was a little better except it was just me and Lucy but she did great!

Lucy at the airport.
Lucy with Memaw.
My cousins daughter Kylan.

I love this bathtub.
That's all the pictures I took!

The End.