Friday, May 6, 2011


Last week Lucy and I went to Alabama to visit my grandparent's who were in the hospital. My memaw was released the day we got there but my granddad is still in the hospital. I'm glad I got to make the trip home to see not just them but my other extended family.

Traveling was fun but a little stressful. We flew. We drove. We battle a tornado but we made it! Our flight originally was suppose to go from Xna to Chicago to Huntsville. It was rerouted from xna to Memphis. Our flight was cancelled to Huntsville due to the storms so we drove (not really knowing what we might drive into or the damage the tornado had caused) But we made it safely and got to visit for a couple of days. I was thankful that my mom was travelling down with us or we would have turned around and gone home. The trip home was a little better except it was just me and Lucy but she did great!

Lucy at the airport.
Lucy with Memaw.
My cousins daughter Kylan.

I love this bathtub.
That's all the pictures I took!

The End.

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