Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best Friend Day

We had the best day! First thing this morning we got dressed and picked up donuts and headed over to pick up our best friend, Emma Grace! Emma Grace got to spend the whole day with us and hopefully night too! After donuts we went to the Gentry Safari. It was such a fun experience for the little girls they loved petting the goats and pigs! After the safari we went home where the girls took a two hour nap, incase you didn't know Lucy quit napping after spring break so this was so special. How did I take advantage of her nap? I took a nap too! It was wonderful! Once they woke up we spent the rest of the afternoon outside in the sprinkler! I've loved getting to spend so much time with my little Emma Grace!

Enjoy the pictures from our day!

Lucy, Emma Grace and Daddy/Uncle Pookie and a pig

The girls thought it was fun to be out of their carseats.

A baby zebra

At one point we were in a long line of people and no animals were around (thankfully) and Lucy said, "I have to go to the potty." Well, we pulled over by some cows who were all laying down and I got Lucy out to do her favorite thing, Tee Tee in the grass!

After the safari the girls got a happy meal from mcdonalds.

And to end the night we have eaten, taken our baths and are now watching Tangled!
Thanks Coble's for letting me keep your baby girl!

The End.

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