Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If you like celebrity gossip...

Funny story about these two people....
He is Paul from American Idol and she is Nikki from Twilight.

I didn't know either one of them until recently.

My mom, Lucy and I recently got stuck in a memphis airport. My mom went to get us lunch while we waited to get on our huntsville flight. She came back with BBQ and a story.
She said you will never guess who I ran into from American Idol. I got really excited thinking it was Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler or even Ryan Seacrest. She then said, "Paul". Well that meant nothing to me. She said he smiled and I knew it was him and then she said I couldn't help it, I kept hugging him and telling him he was my favorite American Idol. He said she was with his girlfriend too.

Well later, our hunstville flight was cancelled and we ended up renting a car. On our way to the rental car place we ran into this Paul man and his girlfriend. I still didn't know who either of them were but I love celebrity gossip so I was excited to meet him. (I didn't know who she was) My mom then tells them that our huntsville flight was cancelled (they were on the same flight) and we were going to rent a car did they want to go with us? (haha) Well this sweet boy said, Actually that sounds good, we may do that since we are going to the same place.

They didn't. We never saw them again. And now they are engaged.

The End.

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