Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday I had to drop off my car at the shop to get my oil change and to check the check engine light. Note to anyone with a check engine light on-check your gas cap. I thought it was tight apparently not and it set off a sensor!

We dropped Jonathan off at work and then we had a little breakfast date at Chickfila. Lucy's favorite. Every time we drive past chickfila, Lucy says Chickfila's closed. I wonder where she heard that! I told her it was open and we went to eat and play.
Then we went to the farm to get things ready for Lucy and Emma's birthday party! I'm so excited about this party! G-daddy is in town for the party and Lucy got to spend some time with him.
Here they are building a star wars ship that Lucy stole out of Taylors closet. Apparently Lucy thought it was strip poker....
Here they are playing monopoly.
Thanks G-daddy for entertaining my kid.

Today I'm trying to keep the house clean for my inlaws who are coming into town and I have more party things to gather.
The End.

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