Sunday, July 31, 2011

Junk Shopping.

We spent the weekend in Arkadelphia visiting Jonathan's family. Jonathan's parents have been cleaning out their house and simplifying their living area. This is a hoarders dream! They are having a huge yard sale and I got first pick! The yard sale is next weekend and you don't want to miss it if you are local.

I had a blast digging through their "junk". I came home with some great furniture that I will share tomorrow and a few knick knacks. I'm trying to simplify my house as well but someone's trash IS another's treasure! And they have some great stuff!

Lucy had a blast going through her daddy's old toys.
Who are these characters? Don't worry it's just Bapaw and Lucy.
Lucy also enjoyed going on a tractor ride with her Bapaw! These two sure are crazy about each other. ( or just crazy, I haven't decided)
Nothing like playing in 2000 degree heat.
This is my little buddy.
Asher also enjoyed going through his daddy's old toys!
I love this little face.

I'll show my treasure's tomorrow after I put them in their place.

The End.

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