Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Summer is my favorite season of the year. All year I am impatiently waiting for summer! Now that it is the end of July I'm ready for fall and all the things that come with it. I'm ready for football season, tailgating, chili, cooler weather, new tv season, and fall colors. (I'm also anxiously awaiting my niece and nephew's arrival)

I'm also looking forward to getting back on our regular school year schedule.
  • Lucy's starts preschool this year. She will go for 4 hours twice a week. Just a little longer than mothers morning out.
  • Thursday Bible Study! I miss getting together with these women.
  • Tuesday night dinners at the church
  • Tuesday night bible study- I haven't decided if I am doing this this year.
I'm adding a couple of new things this year as well.
  • Lucy dance class.
  • Mops- a friend and I are going to start doing this. I think it will be fun. I wanted to do it before but I didn't want to go by myself.
I'm ready!

The End.


Emily said...

Fall is my favorite season! I am over this horrible heat were getting pounded with right now! Can't enjoy doing anything right now.


I am so glad you are doing MOPS! I enjoyed that many, many years ago. You will love it.