Monday, July 18, 2011

Cowboy Western 3rd Birthday Party

Warning: Picture overload.

July 16, we celebrated Lucy's and Emma's 3rd birthday with a cowboy farm party at my parent's house!

At the front of the house, there was a sign saying cowboy up with bandanas and sheriff badges.

red, paisley, western party

On the gate, I hung little bwanted signs of the girls!

I made wanted signs for all the kiddos who attended the party.
The Eatin' Table.
I set up hay bales for seating
The Saloon.
The Watering Trough
The Chuck Wagon aka Food Table.

We had games spread out all over the yard. Here is Rope the Cow.
The Campfire.
Lucy and Grant roping the cow.
Emma and Lucy having a sack race. This was the funniest activity!
The crowd staying out of the sun.
This is Grant. He is so cute!
G-daddy (my dad) and Uncle Ryan having a sack race.
Uncle Ryan showing the kids how to bob for apples!

The kids getting ready to feed the horses apples and carrots!

The Chuck Wagon full of food. We kept it very simple and I ordered sandwiches from the Walmart deli, I highly recommend! We also served pasta salad, bean and corn dip, chips and watermelon.
Max and Chandra.
Lucy and her cowboy hat.

Grant getting ready to toss some horseshoes.
More sack racing.
Bobbing for apples again. I think they liked playing in the water.
Getting ready for another sack race. We started out with two "sacks". We had to go round up three more so all the kids could race.
red, paisley, partyThe dessert table. Cookies, Cupcakes and Too Sweet Sisters Cakelettes!
red, paisley, partyThe cookies my mother-in-law aka Cookie made. There's a reason she got that name.
I have a friend who has an Etsy shop and she made a bunch of western mustaches.

Our party ended with the pinata.

I think it was a fun party full of fun activities but I can guarantee next year Lucy's getting a Chuck E Cheese party where I just show up with a cake. I was exhausted after the party was over!

In case you haven't seen enough pictures here are some more.
Me and my mama.
Laura, Peggy and Poppa Roy.
Silly Bapaw, Taylor, and Cookie.
My husband.

Me and my husband.
Aunt Emily
The girls ended the night with some Cheetos. This is the only picture I have of the two together. It was the end of the night. They are both sweaty and missing their bows!
Thank you to everyone who made it out to the party. It always means so much to me that people would give up a Saturday night to celebrate our girls!
Can you believe I have an (almost) Three year old? Me either!

In Review:

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Audrey said...

I am so sad that we missed the party. I promise Lila would have much rather been playing with the girls than sick on the couch.

It looks like everyone had a lot of fun! I love Lila's "Wanted" sign. Very cute idea!


It was a fabulously fun party. The work and creativity you put into it, Mary, was very much appreciated by all. We loved every minute of it!

DeAnna said...

Mary, Brenner and I both had a blast! There was not a lack of activities for the kiddos!! I think Brenner liked it all!! I enjoyed his cookie on the way home...tee! you did a great job making such a wonderful memory for the girls! Thanks for having us be part of you family and celebration!

DeAnna said...

I always leave the 'r' off your...grrrr!

Emily said...

The party turned out so precious! Loved all of the ideas!!!