Thursday, July 21, 2011

This week in Pictures.

VBS is over. I'm worn out. We had a final count of 185 kids total. 70 were 4 and 5 year old. I'm tired.

Here are some pictures from our week.

Sunday Lucy wore her new birthday outfit that Cookie and Bapaw got her to church. She did not wear the ruby red slippers to church only after we got home.
While I was teaching vbs I ran into a girl who looked familiar. Turns out she was my little miss in the 2000 Miss BHS contest I participated in. Nothing like a 4 year old turned 15 to make you feel old.
Wednesday was my birthday. Delta was in town and we met for lunch. We were pretending we were ladies who lunch. Which is actually my dream job. :) j/k I would be ginormous if I lunched everyday!
Lucy and I at Braums for icecream.
Wednesday night Jonathan and Lucy took me out to a new restraunt in town called Tusk and Trotter. It was really delicious and local.
Lucy and Snow playing with play-doh.
We ended tonight with a jam session with Lucy's new instrument set from Baby Asher and family.
The End.



So glad you got to be a lady who lunches, even if it was just for your birthday!

Audrey said...

What a busy week to have for your birthday! I'm glad you got to take time to celebrate! Happy late birthday!